About Tryg Helander

A keen photographer, both paid and unpaid. Business partner in Vintage Vignettes Photography. Ex-Navy Intelligence SNCO with 25-years service. Diploma of Photoimaging. AIPP member. AAPS, PSQA.

30 July – Rep Theatre

Tickets will be available at every meeting for the 30th July theatre showing of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mouse Trap’. This will be at the Rep Theatre. It’s on a spare Tuesday night.

$25 each ticket. Nibbles will be provided.

This is our major fundraiser for the year.

Please, think about coming along, invite family and friends.

This is limited to 100 tickets. See Val or Jenny.

8th January Meeting

For the meeting on the 8th January, please send your one best image to the President’s email; tpspresident@hotmail.com.au
Maximum size will be 2000 x 2000pixels and 2Mb.
We are all going to be judges on the night with everyone participating in an impact judging.
This night will also be a ‘FREE PIZZA NIGHT’.
Would be great if you could indicate your intention to attend.
Thank you

APS Honours – Time is now!

January is rolling up quick for those who would like to try for honours…

You will need to join the APS, $80 per annum and have either 12-14 images for Licentiate or 20-25 for Associate. The Panel entry fee is extra.

At this stage, I am hoping to get three judges (who have Associate honours) to view entries for members.

Each will pick out either 12 or 25 images, copy them into a folder from the originals submitted.

This will give the submitter an idea how’d they might go in achieving said honours. Ultimately it’s your decision.

Please start curating your entries.

Coffee Catch-Up – 4 December

Don’t forget that tomorrow night is our next Coffee Catch-Up at Jilly’s on Margaret Street, 6-7pm. We will be covering ‘Bracketing’, and the advantages of doing this.

Please remember it’s a gold-coin donation for printed materials and the purchase of a beverage and/or cake to come along.

Bracketing is one of those skills which can really propel your photographic journey. Please consider coming along.

Skills Night – Tuesday 27th November 7pm – Shiny Christmas Ornaments

Don’t forget your cameras and flashes/speedlights and shiny Christmas ornaments for tomorrow night’s Skills Night. We will be photographing these reflective ornaments to show how to deal with specular highlights and reflective return.
If you have a festive tablecloth and ornaments to make a small scene, this will work well. See you tomorrow!

Coffee Catch-Up and Micro Skills Tuesday Nights @ Jilly’s Cafe, Margaret Street

These are the anticipated dates in our series of micro skills on coffee catch-up nights. 
1. White Balance – Done
2. Metering Modes – Done
3. Bracketing – 4 December 2018
4. Shutter Priority and Shutter Effects – 15 January 2019
5. Aperture Priority and Effects – 29 January 2019
6. Stitching Panoramas – 5 February 2019
7. Speedlight/Flash Use – 19 February 2019
8. Lighting Setups – 5 March 2019
9. Low Key and High Key Lighting – 19 March 2019
10. Panning – 2 April 2019
11. Night Sky/Astro Photography – 16 April 2019
12. Action Sports Photography – 30 April 2019
13. Model Posing – 7 May 2019
14. Abstract Photography – 21 May 2019
15. Composition Guidelines – 4 June 2019
16. Lighting Effects, Smoke and Wind – 18 June 2019
17. Presets and Actions in Lightroom and Photoshop – 2 July 2019
18. Ultra Close-up and Macro – 16 July 2019