About Tryg Helander

A keen photographer, both paid and unpaid. Business partner in Vintage Vignettes Photography. Ex-Navy Intelligence SNCO with 25-years service. Diploma of Photoimaging. AIPP member. AAPS, PSQA.

Mentoring Assistance

It’s time to help others. Our mentoring program is being started. Let’s pass on our skills to others.

I would like those of you with significant experience to choose what areas you’d like to help in. Please reply via email with the numbers you can mentor others in.

1. Camera Handling
2. Equipment Basics (choice/use)
3. Exposure Basics (getting to Manual Setting)
3. Advanced Camera Techniques
4. Speedlight Basics
5. Advanced Speedlight Use (off-camera, modes)
6. Basic image manipulation
7. Advanced image manipulation (stitching/cloning)
8. Tertiary manipulation skills (layering/blending)
9. Printing/mounting
10. Studio Concepts and Equipment
11. Advanced Equipment Use (filters/invalometer/triggers/specialist lenses)
12. Creative/Artistic/Fine-Art Photography
13. Calibration/Colour Management Principles



Field Day – 27th October – Boggo Road Gaol


The next Field Day will be held at the Boggo Road Gaol on Saturday, 27th October, 1:30-3:30pm. 

Photographers will have exclusive use of the venue for two hours. Meet in the carpark/entrance of Boggo Road Gaol at 1:15pm to have your attendance recorded.  

Price reduced to $15 per member/guest attending. Pay on the day. 

Please try to car pool. If you are driving and have space, please let us know and we will try to pair you with others.

Let’s make this a big day for TPS!

Sunday 14th October – TPS Sausage Sizzle – Bunnings North


Don’t forget that TPS will be holding our sausage sizzle at Bunnings North (Ruthven Street), on Sunday 14th October, 8am-4pm. 

Thank you to all the members who have volunteered to assist and those who have borrowed equipment to the cause. 

We hope this fundraiser earns the TPS some needed funds, to go towards our equipment upgrade account.

Please come along and have a snag and can of drink, if you’re out and about. 


TPS Coffee, Chat and Photography Lessons

We’re starting! Come along and learn more, ask more questions, practice more skills. Jilly’s Cafe on Margaret street, 6-7pm starting on November 6th (Melbourne Cup Day).

Cost will only be a coffee, or coffee and cake, plus a gold coin donation for TPS’ printing costs.

First night, we will have a round up of people’s needs and wants, plus a quick chat on White Balance, what it’s for and how to play around with it for some cool effects.


Skills Night Tuesday 25th September

To those members attending tomorrow night’s Skills Night – Light Painting with the Pixel Stick, please bring along:



Release cable or Remote

Torch if you want to do some of your own light painting

and Wear dark coloured clothing, if you plan to be in front of the camera for extended periods. 

If you also happen to have a speed light/flash gun, bring that along too. 


See you there!

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk Day – 6th October

Saturday 6th October is Worldwide Photowalk Day. Come along to the Toowoomba CBD Photowalk. Hosted by your Toowoomba Photographic Society (TPS) and the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP). Open to all levels of photographers.

You must log into the Photowalk webpage and register. Limited to the first 50 walkers only.


Skills Night – 25th September – Change

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our next Skills Night (25th September) will not be Macro, as previously advertised. Instead, we will be exploring light art, using pixel stick illumination. Please bring along your camera, tripod and shutter release cord/remote (if you have one).
Also, I can produce any special imagery or words, that you would like to illuminate behind your subject. Please email the President with your ideas.
Also, bring along a warm jacket in case it is cool outside.


September 1st – Stanthorpe Field Day update

Saturday 1st

Meet in Warwick 9 a.m. at the Jackie Howe park (Toowoomba side of 
Warwick before you get to the Condamine River).

Travel to Dalveen via old road and meet with some Stanthorpe members at 
the Jim Mitchell Park -9.45 to 10.00.

Go to Railway tunnel for photos (30 minutes max)

Travel to Thulimbah to Suttons for coffee. Could be some good photo 
opportunities there.

Go to Stanthorpe to photograph –  Big Thermometer, Mt Marley, War 
Memorial, Sentimental Rocks.  If we get away from Suttons early we can 
come via Amiens and visit the start of the Legacy Centre.

Meet with Stanthorpe members at 12.45 for lunch. Venue to be decided. 
I’ll check out a couple this week.

2 p.m. Leave for Tenterfield from the carpark at the Information Centre.

Leave Tenterfield when photography finished.

Toowoomba members drive home stopping along the way for dinner.

The aim will be to car pool. If we could have drivers (with spare spaces) contact me, I can offer up spaces to those interested. If you need transport, similarly, contact me and I will put you in contact with a driver, if one makes themselves available. 


Thank you.