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Tryg Helander AAPS PSQA

A keen photographer, both paid and unpaid. Business partner in Vintage Vignettes Photography. Ex-Navy Intelligence SNCO with 25-years service. Diploma of Photoimaging. AIPP member. AAPS, PSQA.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
My interest in photography started in 1977 when I was given a Hanimex 110 Pocket camera and my first cartridge of film. From then I was given access to progressively better cameras, such as; Agfa pocket bellows, film SLRs and rangefinder style cameras. My favourite were always the SLR style cameras. I still have all my cameras from my youth, all still working! My mentor and teacher was my stepfather, a professional photographer who had studios in NYC and Sydney, working for magazines; such as TIME, in the 60's and 70's. He also worked for Kodak, running a floor full of print cell machines at their head office, in the 80's. My stepfather taught me how to develop B+W and colour, use enlargers and print to film, in our darkroom (a made over second bathroom) at home. I was also a 25-year veteran of the Royal Australian Navy, in Intelligence. I was fortunate to use cameras on nearly a daily basis, within that field. I have my own photographic business; Vintage Vignettes Photography which specialises in charitable photography for local NFP, community organisations and charities.
Areas of interest
I like to capture elements of yesteryear, vintage and/or retro scenes. I like using post-processing software and printing at home (both film and digital). I enjoy judging photography competition and have a PSQ Accreditation. I am enjoying putting portfolios together to achieve honours, received AAPS in 2018.
Favourite Equipment
Nikon D850 full frame, D500 APS-C, P900 Bridge and Olympus Micro 4/3. All my lenses for Nikons are Sigma Art Series...great stuff!Nikon SB-5000 and SB-800 Speedlights.Jinbei HD-610 portable monoblocks, Jinbei Mars-3 TTL portable micro head flashSMDV modifiers, Jinbei focussable parabolics, Yongnuo and Jinbei triggers.Benro, 3-Legged Thing and Vanguard tripods. Color Munki Photo calibration. Vanguard and Lowepro for baggage.
Computer Stuff
Mac Retina 27
Other info
Diploma of Photography (1989), Diploma of Photography/Photoimaging (2017), Adv Dip. Workplace Health and Safety, Dip. of Telecommunications Intelligence, Dip. of Indonesian Language, Dip. Arabic Languages, Dip. Project Management, Dip. Government (Management), Cert. IV Frontline Management, Cert. IV Training and Assessment (BSZ, TAA, TAE)
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