About Tryg Helander

A keen photographer, both paid and unpaid. Business partner in Vintage Vignettes Photography. Ex-Navy Intelligence SNCO with 25-years service. Diploma of Photoimaging. AIPP member.

AGM Proxy Voting – 14 August 18.

The Annual General Meeting of Toowoomba Photographic Society (TPS) is to be held at the TPS Clubrooms (DeMolay House – 90 Margaret Street Toowoomba), 6:30pm on the 14th August.

All financial members are eligible to vote and should you be absent from the AGM you may give your proxy to another FINANCIAL member of your choice.

Members that are given signed proxy papers will be given multiple votes (one per proxy form) at each voting juncture.


I’ve attached a proxy form (top form is simple proxy and lower is specific to each agenda item).

Should you receive another member’s proxy, please show this to the door staff on the night of the AGM.


TPS Proxy Voting Slips

New Competition Year

Members, welcome to a new competition year.
For this next competition year the committee has produced Gold and Silver award cards, for those members who achieve either of these awards in each Aggregate Competition. Our Society uses the awarding of Gold and Silver for progression to higher grades.
Other clubs use similar cards to reward their members for Honour and Merit. Unfortunately, there will not be an award for Bronze recipients.
These cards will be presented at the following month’s Aggregate Competition night, for every award of Gold and Silver.
It is good to honour those members who achieve the highest awards.
Good luck to all in this new competition year.

Ipswich Photographic Society Convention – 18th August 2018

The attached letter outlines the Ipswich Photographic Convention to be held on August 18th, 2018, at the Walloon State School. The convention runs from 8am to 5pm.
All TPS members are welcome to book a spot at this convention.
Registration for this event is $75 per person. There will be several workshops, a trade show and guest speakers; one of which is the great Steve Parish.
If this interests you, please book early.

Repertory Theatre Tickets – $25 per seat

Members: please remember to bring your $25 per seat, for Repertory Theatre tickets, to next Tuesday’s Aggregate Competition night.

There are very few opportunities left to purchase tickets.

Ask your family and friends to participate too!

Remember, 25 exhibited member images will adorn the walls. 

This is one of our premiere fundraising events for the year, please help your community raise funds for our continuing prosperity.

2018 Australian Club Cup – APS Inter-Club competition

I am requesting your best two images, for entry into the 2018 Australian Club Cup – APS Inter-Club competition, hopefully ones that have done very well in competitions. The entries close June 3rd and the committee need to whittle down to 20-best images to send off as our club competition.

Rules, from the website;

20 Photos Per Club is mandatory.

Each author can only participate in one club with a maximum of 2 works.

Only Australian Clubs are permitted to participate.

Coherency between photos is not required.

Any subject (colour or mono) is acceptable but images of a pornographic nature will NOT be accepted.

Authors retain the rights to their images, which will be reproduced in the catalogue.

Redlands Camera Club, 49 Marlborough Rd, Wellington Point QLD 4160
Margaret O’Grady EFIAP/b GMAPS PSQA
Paul Bennie FAPS HonFAPS

The APS Australian Cup for Australian Photographic Clubs is awarded as follows:
• 2018 APS Australian Cup for AustralianPhotographic Clubs awarded to the “Best Club” (club with the most points).
• APS Gold medal for the club ranked second.
• APS Silver medal for the club ranked third.• APS Bronze medal for the club ranked
• Six APS honourable mentions for the clubs
ranked 5th to10th.
• The authors of the club ranked first
receive an honourable mention.
• One APS gold medal, two APS silver medals and three APS bronze medals will be awarded to works of exceptional quality, independently of the club ́s
• Each judge will also choose their personal
• Each author can only receive one prize.

Please send your two best images via email to me, the sizing considerations are as follows:
Width: 1920 x Height 1200 File Size: 1MB

I would appreciate your entries, for consideration, no later than Sunday night, 10:00pm, 27th May.

The $40 club entry fee will be paid by the committee.

Members will be notified which images and members were selected after the committee decides.

Thank you for your efforts in helping us enter this national inter-club competition.

Tryg Helander
TPS Secretary


As you have been aware the club is doing an exhibition at the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre for the duration of the classic Neil Simon comedy “Plaza Suite” (14 – 28 July 2018).

Along with this as a fund-raiser for the club, we are hosting a night at the theatre on Monday 23 July 2018 where you, the members can enjoy the show as well as your friends.  The tickets are $25 each and these will be available for the forthcoming skills and club nights.

To make it easier for all if you can take a row or a number of seats to sell it will be good.  You can sell the tickets and return the money to the treasurer at the meeting nights.  We would like the money and the tickets returned by 22 June 2018 (skills night) so that we can sell any outstanding tickets.  The theatre only holds 100 people.

Supper will be served and we would also like makers and suppliers for this as well.  So  please give your names to the lovely people at the door or to the president or secretary if you are willing to assist.

This is a social night of fun and enjoyment for everyone.

The Committee