Welcome to Toowoomba Photographic Society


Our aim is to promote, improve, share and enjoy photography in Toowoomba and the surrounding district offering many services, all specifically designed to improve photography and photographic skills in a friendly social atmosphere. Membership is open to all comers regardless of whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a professional photographer.

We meet at DeMolay House, 90 Margaret Street, Toowoomba at 7:00 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. The second Tuesday is our competition judging night and the fourth is our skills night.

Additionally, we meet at Jilly’s Cafe, 181 Margaret Street, Toowoomba at 6:00 pm on the 1st, 3rd (and 5th) Tuesday of each Month. These nights are for our micro skills presentations, developing one small area of photography’s skillsets.

To join our club please follow the instructions at About the Club.  Additional information about the club can also be found here.

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Judging Feedback Protocol

Members of the Toowoomba Photographic Society are expected to abide by the code of conduct spelt out in the Membership Info document on our website. In particular members must conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner towards fellow members and our guests. In particular we should be respectful at all times towards the judges invited to judge our competitions.

Judges are volunteers who have spent considerable time reviewing your images and preparing their critiques. Judging is a time consuming activity which is by its very nature quite subjective. There are many factors that a judge will take into account in scoring an image and no two judges will see a photo in the same way. As a consequence we may not always agree with the scores or comments given by a judge. But we have to accept that they are the judge and their decision is final.

The TPS Committee provides written feedback to every judge using the Photographic Society of Queensland judging feedback sheet. If you wish to congratulate or have particular concerns about a judging you should make these known in writing to the TPS Committee as soon as possible after the judging. This way constructive feedback can be provided to the judge – this will provide them with considered feedback from our club and keep our club in good standing.

TPS Club Meeting – 12th March 2019

Our next club meeting is at 7:00pm this coming Tuesday, 12th March 2019.  There have been 135 images submitted by 49 club members for our March 2019 Aggregate Competition which will be judged this evening by commercial photographer, Carmel Hunn from Photos by Carmen, Sunshine Coast.

The Set Subject for this month is “Naked Tree/s”.

We look forward to catching up with you all this evening.

And don’t forget that entries for the April 2019 Competition are required by 12:00 midnight on the 12th March 2019 – the set subject for that month “Expressions”.

TPS Skills Night – 26 February 2019

Our next TPS Skills Night is on Tuesday, 26 February 2098 at 7:00pm.   For this month the Image Challenge is “Tracks”.  Please send up to five images for this Challenge, together with up to five images for the Field Day and five for the Favourites to be included in the Skills Night audio-visual to me at graham_harris@westnet.com.au by 6:00pm on Monday 25th February 2019.

Alice Black Award – February 2019 – “Harrow Homestead Front Room” by Allan Rosser

To perpetuate the memory of our late member Alice Black, the club has introduced the ‘Alice Black Memorial Trophy’ to be contested each year on a perpetual basis.

At each month’s Aggregate Competition the judge will select an image from all those entered as the monthly Alice Black Image – they will use their own criteria to select the image regardless of the score given.  All images submitted in the Aggregate Competition have the potential to become a possible winner of the Trophy as there is no restriction on the grade of the entrant or the medium in which the image is presented.


For February 2019 the Alice Black has been awarded to Allan Rosser for his print image “Harrow Homestead Front Room” taken at our September 2018 Field Day with Stanthorpe Camera Club.  This image was entered in the A Grade Print Field Day section.

Our judge, John North commented “Outstanding print quality, everything is very sharp.”

TPS Club Meeting – 12th February 2019

Our next club meeting is at 7:00pm this coming Tuesday, 12th February 2019.  There have been 133 images submitted by club members for our February 2019 Aggregate Competition which will be judged this evening by John North.

The Set Subject for this month is “Coastal”.

We look forward to catching up with you all this evening.

And don’t forget that entries for the March 2019 Competition are required by 12:00 midnight on the 12th February 2018 – the set subject for that month “Naked tree/s”.

National Digital Portrait Exhibition/Competition 2019

Members: FYI

From Colin Woods.

I am writing to you so that you may inform your members of a national photography competition they may be interested in.  The National Digital Portrait Exhibition 2019 is a photography competition circuit with five judging panels.   This means your entries go into five separate competitions for the one entry fee of $34.   This competition is now open for entries and closes on March 31st.


The exhibition is conducted in accordance with the recommendations and approval of the Australian Photographic Society (APS) – Approval number 2019/9, with 60 APS medals, ribbons and recognition towards honours available to entrants.     This competition is informally titled “Portraits for Parkinson’s”, as 25% of your entry fee will be donated to aid Parkinson’s Disease support groups in your state.


For full details please go to https://natportrait.myphotoclub.com.au/


Please pass this message on to all of your photographing colleagues!


Kind regards

Colin Woods

Competition organiser