The Toowoomba Photographic Society was established on the 22nd of May 1905 during a meeting of amateur photographers at Café Alexandra in Toowoomba. The motion to form a society, to be known as the Toowoomba Photographic Society, was moved by Mr. T.K. Lamb and seconded by Mr. Murdoch McLeod, which was unanimously carried.

The newly-formed society appointed the following officers: President – Mr. W.R. Robinson, Vice Presidents – Rev Canon Pughe and Mr. G. Moloney, Treasurer – Mr. T.K. Lamb, Secretary – Mr. Murdoch McLeod, Librarian, and Lanternist – Mr. F.C. Wills. The committee comprised of Messrs W.J. Deazley, J. Moloney, E. Rosentengel, and J. Young.

The annual membership fee was fixed at 10 shillings for gents and 5 shillings for ladies and youths under 18, payable half-yearly in advance.

The rules for the society were drawn up by this committee on Friday, the 29th of May 1905. The first meeting of the Society was held on Monday, 29th May 1905, at Café Alexandra at 8.00 pm. At this meeting, the rules of membership were adopted, and members were enrolled in the newly formed Toowoomba Photographic Society.

According to a newspaper article from the Toowoomba Chronicle, membership of the Society offered several benefits: “The Toowoomba Photographic Society, which has just been formed, should prove a benefit to our amateur photographers. Few cities in Australia offer the same opportunities for securing good snap shots as Toowoomba. The new Society will impart information, and when the warmer weather comes with the lengthening of the days, some very enjoyable outings of the members will no doubt be arranged. Photography is a pleasant pastime, and only becomes expensive when a quantity of material is wasted through inexperience.” (The Toowoomba Chronicle, June 1905)

Today, after a century of experience, the Toowoomba Photographic Society continues to provide benefits to its members through competition, training opportunities, and participation in club outings to further their photographic skills.

The Toowoomba Photographic Society is operated by a team of dedicated volunteers who help ensure everything runs smoothly.