Do you support the following awards definitions and point score system for TPS as outlined as proposed by the TPS working group:

Proposed New Awards

Alice Black Award this is the image of the night in the opinion of the judge.  This image is one that has significant impact for the judge as a result of technique, composition or storytelling.  It can be chosen from any grade or medium (print or digital)

Honour – This is awarded to an exceptional photograph which has impact, is technically excellent, well composed, shows originality and artistry, and has few if any flaws.

Merit This is awarded to a very good photograph which meets high technical standards and also shows originality, artistry, and good composition.  Any flaws present are very minor.

Highly Commended This is awarded to a good photograph with good technique, artistry, and minor flaws.

Commended – This is awarded to a photograph which may have significant flaws that detract from the image and can be overcome or amended.

Out of Category – A photo that does not fit the criteriafor the competition is given this award.

The scores are as follows:

Highly Commended3
Out of Category0

Movement between grades will depend on the percentage of total competition points gained as follows:

% of total competition year points attainedB grade to A gradeA grade to Salon gradeMovement between future levels in Salon grade

The winner of the Alice Black award monthly competition receives 2 points, but the End of Year Alice Black does not, consistent with existing end-of year awards.


Please email back your vote, as a yes or a no, along with your name, NLT 22 September 2020.