Requirements for submitting prints / images for monthly aggregate competition 

· Prints may be mounted or unmounted. If mounted, the mount size must greater than 5×7 ins (125×175 mm) but less than 16×20 ins (406×508 mm). 

All entries must have the following information on the back of the print or mount:- 
§ maker’s club ID number – this can be obtained by contacting the TPS Secretary if you do not know your club ID number (do not put your name on the backs of prints). 
§ Grade (i.e. Salon Grade, A Grade or B Grade) 
§ “Open” or “Set” or ‘Field Day” or “Creative” category 
§ title of the image 
This information can be automatically generated from MyPhotoClub.
Step 1: Upload the digital version of your print, ensure you select the correct competition to enter (EG: Print XX Grade Open Colour) and submit your entry

Once your image is uploaded you should be able to see a new button saying “Print Entry Labels” – Click this button and a new page should open up with the details of your entry.

Print this out and stick / glue it to the back of your print.

§ A digital copy of the print must also entered under the relevant print category. This image is not used for judging, but forms part of the record of the competition images, and presentation of the images on competition night by the judge. This is especially important when the judge is not physically present at a club meeting. 

o Prints must be suitably packed and delivered to either: 

§ The TPS Print Steward at the preceding month’s Tuesday night meeting, or 

§ Murrays Art and Framing, 485 Ruthven St, Toowoomba by 12 noon on the 2nd Tuesday of the month prior to the month of competition. 

Note: Entries received after this time will be held over for the next competition if the member wishes.