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Geoff Adams

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Photography bio

Photography Experience
I have been taking photos since teenage years over 40 years ago. Started with film and did some dark room work, but pleased to adopt digital photography.
Areas of interest
Candid moments, people, streetscapes, events such as music festivals, landscapes, wildlife, travel. I do a limited amount of post-processing and am a strong believer in the integrity of the image, particularly in genres such as street, travel, journalism and documentary. However, creative photography where clearly the intent is artistic rather than realistic, is a valid and exciting area of photography, being mindful that all elements used in the creative must be produced by the photographer, and not from stock images or graphics.
Favourite Equipment
Currently using a Canon 6D with 24-105 and 100-400mm lenses. The versatility of the sensor, especially in low light, makes this great to use. Flash and tripods can’t be used at events such as music festivals.
Computer Stuff
Have PC for desktop. Using Faststone and learning Lightroom.
Other info
Seeking to improve my skills by learning from others in TPS. While I do enter club competitions, I am more interested in field days and opportunities for practical learning. My work can be seen on Instagram as @geoff_adams101 and on FB