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MyPhotoClub Colin

I'm the grand administrator of MyPhotoClub.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
I've always had a SLR film camera and enjoyed taking photos, mainly around travelling adventures. Never really got into the darkroom thing and liked slides for the accurate representation of what I shot. A DSLR for my birthday a few years back and the passion for technology and the camera joined and I am now getting more and more into my 'hobby'.
Areas of interest
Street and observational, concerts, travel and like to play with time exposure related stuff.
Favourite Equipment
started with Nikon 5100 with twin lens kit and a Sigma 12-24mm zoom and have now gone Sony mirrorless.
Computer Stuff
I've used lots but at home, I'm a Mac with Lightroom going to an Epson Artisan 1430 printer >
Other info
MyPhotoClub is growing - get on board!" >
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