TPS Skills Night – 26 June 2018

Our next TPS Skills Night is on Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 7:00pm. This month we have been invited to photograph a local tea company’s product, in a commercial table-style shoot. The owner, Donna, has invited us to shoot her product and use this a learning tool for our members.
The company is called: Tranquil Tea and their facebook page is Tranquil Tea House.
​All are invited to bring your camera and flash, a tripod and memory cards to the night.

If you have some special items, that you might like to bring; such as decorative tea pots, cups and saucers…to dress your scene, this would also be helpful.
We will try to have multiple tables going at once, with different lighting options for all to try. 
  1. Continuous light table. Using two LED light tubes to obtain an exposure. 
  2. Monoblock flashes. The style of lighting used in studios.
  3. Speedlight studio. The same as above, but using portable flashgun/speedlights.
  4. Mixture. Using a studio and a speedlight. 

The backgrounds will be mixed colours too. A black, a white, a pastel blue and pink. We will also have a table where you can learn about using light meters and metering to produce a great commercial-grade image. 

There will be one station that can operate with multiple types of cameras, but, if you have your own flashes, please bring those and batteries to suit. 

For this month the Image Challenge is “Insects”.  Please send up to five images for this Challenge, together with up to five images for the Field Day and five for the Favourites to be included in the Skills Night audio-visual to me at by 6:00pm on Monday 25th June 2018.

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