TPS and corona virus.

The TPS management committee discussed a range of matters last night including Covid 19 and potential impact on the club.  While secretary and GP Dr Jenny Graff said there were no confirmed cases in Toowoomba, the virus may already be here as there have been cases of people with the virus, but not showing symptoms.

Accordingly, we decided to hold Jilly’s tonight, but cease all other meetings until the April competition night. As the situation is constantly changing, we will revise our meeting dates as required.  As Tryg has reported being unwell, the topic will judging criteria for images and the feedback process from the club.

In the case of not being able to hold meetings, competitions and the image challenge can still go ahead as entries and judging can be done remotely.  This may have to be revised for prints, given the amount of handling involved, and whether or not businesses close, or individuals enter self-isolation.

Our planned field day at Downs Steam Rail on April 26 will be cancelled.  The viability of this event depended on selling tickets to photographers outside the region as well as to members.