The purpose of this post is to advise members of the process that is about to be undertaken and as a reminder to participants. This is a closed workshop aimed at deriving proposals to put to members for consideration later this year, in time for the new competition year in 2021.

Some background. Members will be aware that the competition year changed from a mid-year to mid-year to January to December each year. This was to bring TPS in line with the majority of clubs, and to assist in obtaining external judges.

This has been largely successful: the aim of having a ratio of internal:external judges for TPS of 50:50 gives members exposure to other styles of judging. It became apparent this year that the results from external judges were significantly different from those of TPS judges, which affected point scores in particular.

Initially the TPS committee considered changing the wording of our awards system and possibly altering point scores to overcome apparent communication difficulties with non TPS judges. After further consideration and wider discussion, it was decided that TPS should conduct a full review of our existing system. This does necessarily mean a totally new system – that will depend on what workshop participants recommend, and what members approve when the recommendations are put to members for voting – but this is now a possibility rather than just modifying the existing system.

Below is a link to the workshop outline, so that you can see the process being undertaken.