Feb 9th competition night.

Starts 6pm with the AGM, then at 7 with the usual judging. You must be a financial member to vote. RSVP to Val on tpstreasurer@hotmail.com please like last comp night – due to Covid restrictions on room number and De Molay’s management requirements for hire of their facility.

Treasurer Val has sent the member renewal notices by email, and they have also been available at club meetings. If you haven’t received this email (or any other), PLEASE do the following first:

  1. Go into your membership account on the website and check the email address we have is current. The emails sent are a broadcast system from the website – we do not individually type out your address to send each mail.
  2. Check that club emails aren’t the victim of your spam filter. You can click on a message from the club as sender and indicate it is always to be received.
  3. ONLY then, contact us if you still have a problem.

Workshops March 13 and April 17.

There has been good response to bookings and payment for the above. Places are still available. We kindly request payment with booking to ensure your place – you will understand the club has outlays in hiring both venues, and sometimes this requires pre-payment by the club. Please see earlier post on the website for details.

115th Anniversary photobook

Margaret says she has had around a dozen members send images to date. Could you please attend to this as soon as you can to assist in timely production of the booklet? Please see earlier post for details.

Snapper Rocks on the Tweed.

This hasn’t been forgotten – the committee meeting on Monday 19 decided on March, but has not yet selected a date. Please watch out for further information. Refer to the earlier post for details of what was planned, especially the 2am start from Toowoomba.

February field day.

The theme is Valentine’s Day and is self-directed. January’s was Australia Day, and it was good to see some members at Highfields Pioneer Village as part of this.