September 2018 Competition Entries

Due to an unexpected outage of the MyPhotoClub website last Sunday (12 August 2018) a number of images uploaded by members of Toowoomba Photographic Society for the September 2018 competition could not be accessed through the website for judging.

This problem has now been rectified although I have re-opened the competition for September 2018 in order for each of you to check that all images you have entered are there.  The competition will be kept open until 6:00pm on Monday 20 August 2018 so that you can check your images are there.  Following this they will be submitted for judging.

Additionally, some of our members have also uploaded images several months into the future.  These also became inaccessible but this problem now appears rectified.  Please check if your images are there if you are one of these members who has already uploaded images into future competitions.

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