Saturday 1st

Meet in Warwick 9 a.m. at the Jackie Howe park (Toowoomba side of 
Warwick before you get to the Condamine River).

Travel to Dalveen via old road and meet with some Stanthorpe members at 
the Jim Mitchell Park -9.45 to 10.00.

Go to Railway tunnel for photos (30 minutes max)

Travel to Thulimbah to Suttons for coffee. Could be some good photo 
opportunities there.

Go to Stanthorpe to photograph –  Big Thermometer, Mt Marley, War 
Memorial, Sentimental Rocks.  If we get away from Suttons early we can 
come via Amiens and visit the start of the Legacy Centre.

Meet with Stanthorpe members at 12.45 for lunch. Venue to be decided. 
I’ll check out a couple this week.

2 p.m. Leave for Tenterfield from the carpark at the Information Centre.

Leave Tenterfield when photography finished.

Toowoomba members drive home stopping along the way for dinner.

The aim will be to car pool. If we could have drivers (with spare spaces) contact me, I can offer up spaces to those interested. If you need transport, similarly, contact me and I will put you in contact with a driver, if one makes themselves available. 


Thank you.