As you have been aware the club is doing an exhibition at the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre for the duration of the classic Neil Simon comedy “Plaza Suite” (14 – 28 July 2018).

Along with this as a fund-raiser for the club, we are hosting a night at the theatre on Monday 23 July 2018 where you, the members can enjoy the show as well as your friends.  The tickets are $25 each and these will be available for the forthcoming skills and club nights.

To make it easier for all if you can take a row or a number of seats to sell it will be good.  You can sell the tickets and return the money to the treasurer at the meeting nights.  We would like the money and the tickets returned by 22 June 2018 (skills night) so that we can sell any outstanding tickets.  The theatre only holds 100 people.

Supper will be served and we would also like makers and suppliers for this as well.  So  please give your names to the lovely people at the door or to the president or secretary if you are willing to assist.

This is a social night of fun and enjoyment for everyone.

The Committee

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