Mentoring Assistance

It’s time to help others. Our mentoring program is being started. Let’s pass on our skills to others.

I would like those of you with significant experience to choose what areas you’d like to help in. Please reply via email with the numbers you can mentor others in.

1. Camera Handling
2. Equipment Basics (choice/use)
3. Exposure Basics (getting to Manual Setting)
3. Advanced Camera Techniques
4. Speedlight Basics
5. Advanced Speedlight Use (off-camera, modes)
6. Basic image manipulation
7. Advanced image manipulation (stitching/cloning)
8. Tertiary manipulation skills (layering/blending)
9. Printing/mounting
10. Studio Concepts and Equipment
11. Advanced Equipment Use (filters/invalometer/triggers/specialist lenses)
12. Creative/Artistic/Fine-Art Photography
13. Calibration/Colour Management Principles



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