Date: Saturday 10/07/2021
Time: FROM 5pm
(Sun sets around 5:15 – so use this time to setup everything in the light and have your camera ready).
Location: Gus Beutel Lookout – Ravensbourne
Directions from Toowoomba:

Things you need to bring:
-Camera + charged batteries + card/s
-Trigger release (cabled, remote) or learn how to use the inbuilt shutter timer.
– Wide angle lens (f2.8 or faster is best.)
-Light pollution / night filter if you have one.
-Gloves / beanie / jackets / thermos or anything else to keep you warm.
-Chair (if you need to sit down).
-Torch (so you can see – but please avoid shining into other peoples photos / eyes).
-Any notes you have taken from the Astrophotography Microskills session.

This field day is weather dependent, should it be raining or significantly cloudy it will likely be cancelled. If it is to be cancelled an updated post will be made by 4PM 10/07.