Members of the Toowoomba Photographic Society are expected to abide by the code of conduct spelt out in the Membership Info document on our website. In particular members must conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner towards fellow members and our guests. In particular we should be respectful at all times towards the judges invited to judge our competitions.

Judges are volunteers who have spent considerable time reviewing your images and preparing their critiques. Judging is a time consuming activity which is by its very nature quite subjective. There are many factors that a judge will take into account in scoring an image and no two judges will see a photo in the same way. As a consequence we may not always agree with the scores or comments given by a judge. But we have to accept that they are the judge and their decision is final.

The TPS Committee provides written feedback to every judge using the Photographic Society of Queensland judging feedback sheet. If you wish to congratulate or have particular concerns about a judging you should make these known in writing to the TPS Committee as soon as possible after the judging. This way constructive feedback can be provided to the judge – this will provide them with considered feedback from our club and keep our club in good standing.