One of the set subjects for next year is “Purple”. The guideline is “Purple is any colour intermediate between red and blue. It can be reddish purple, lavender, etc. Any subject as long as at least 75% of the image is purple.”

If you want to get this one in the bag, plus have a great time, join us at The Floating Cafe, Grantham, Saturday 31, at 6.30pm. Model Sarina Charming whom many of you have already met, will be in shades of purple against the backdrop of the magnificent jacanda trees and blossoms at the cafe.

This will be followed by breakfast, starting at 7.30am. Those interested, can go on to Helidon, where we are sure to find flowering jacarandas in the streetscape of the older part of the village.


Time: 6.30pm

Where: Floating Cafe, Grantham (on the highway passing through the village).

Costs: pay for your own breakfast PLUS $5 each for the model (give this to me on the day).

RSVP: Please let me know asap if you coming so I can give the cafe some numbers.

The full program of set subjects for 2021 will be published shortly when guidelines are finalised.