Preamble to Club Critique for May 2020.

Hi everybody it’s always nice to be invited back as your Guest as the PSQ Accredited Judge for tonight’s Critique … It’s been an honour to go through and admire the work that you do … As individuals members of the Judging Panel may have limited knowledge, but as a Group we have a vast range of knowledge that if need be we can seek advice from … No one in the Group is a Guru, when we critique we only bring to the occasion what knowledge we have at that point in time … We are all members of Clubs just like yourselves, who have the desire to help who we can to advance their own skills and knowledge … We may not agree with each other sometimes on the information we offer, but you have the choice of choosing whose methodology you may wish to follow … That choice in a democracy – simply put – is called Diversity of Opinion

Tonight I offer my thoughts and suggestions to you again … Any suggestion is simply a guide not a rule or suggestion you have to follow, it’s just a Personal Point of View … Everybody is entitled to own their own opinion, that includes the Author of an Image, anyone else who may be a viewer, including the Judge whoever they may be … In any Art Medium there are no Rules, no Right or Wrong way to create something, Creative Licence entitles every author to create to please themselves first … Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just because one person doesn’t appreciate something doesn’t mean others will not enjoy what you do … However if you feel you are not advancing, don’t hesitate to try some of the suggestions you will hear, and see if it helps you to Refresh and Reinvigorate your endeavours and ongoing journey in Photography.

My journey started 50 years ago in Dalby, and the first live Judging influence was from one of your Members … Beside his thoughts and ideas other members of the Dalby Club in those days were also my Mentors … Where does Mentoring start and end … That depends on you as an individual, as to when you open your mind to the advice given by anyone who is willing to share ideas with you … I still enter my Images into the Competitions of Two clubs, because I’m still wanting to hear what my peers think about my more recent endeavours … Sometimes we can be too close to something and miss something that is so obvious to a fresh pair of eyes and mind … As with the title of one of Gerard’s Topics, “LISTEN WITH YOUR EYES”, I welcome any feedback on any of my endeavours.

Through a long association with members of Toowoomba’s Club, I’m aware of the Clubs unique passion for reading Stories in an Image … That ability has been an Achilles Heel for me when critiquing and have usually avoided incorporating it into my endeavours, so ahead of time I’ll freely admit to having a limited Imagination for that skill but have attempted to interpret some of the Images where I can on this occasion … So I apologise if my thoughts along those lines may not be anywhere near the mark of what the author intended.

Many thanks for your interest tonight … Cheers … Bo B. Bob Britcher AFIAP AAPS PSQA 28/04/2020.