September 2018 Competition Entries

Due to an unexpected outage of the MyPhotoClub website last Sunday (12 August 2018) a number of images uploaded by members of Toowoomba Photographic Society for the September 2018 competition could not be accessed through the website for judging.

This problem has now been rectified although I have re-opened the competition for September 2018 in order for each of you to check that all images you have entered are there.  The competition will be kept open until 6:00pm on Monday 20 August 2018 so that you can check your images are there.  Following this they will be submitted for judging.

Additionally, some of our members have also uploaded images several months into the future.  These also became inaccessible but this problem now appears rectified.  Please check if your images are there if you are one of these members who has already uploaded images into future competitions.

AGM Reminder – 14 August 6:30pm

Members, don’t forget that the AGM is on 14 Aug and we are starting the night at 6:30pm. Early yes, but we also have a competition night on as well.
Remember, if you have not paid, you must be financial to vote at the AGM. Financial members will receive a voting card at the door. Our Treasurer is ready/willing to accept your cash on the night, should you have not paid via direct deposit, in the meantime.
There will be a different, one-off raffle on the night. Tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5. Rather than a photographic prize, this month’s donated prize is a healthy-option dry fryer! Yay!
Remember to bring your coins for the door fee ($2) and those raffle tickets.
Thank you to all who have accepted nominations for Committee Positions, only one was not filled via nomination (Assistant Secretary). 
See you there. Raffle Prize

LAST CHANCE: Committee Position Nominations

Members, as per the AGM notice, tomorrow is the last day open to send any Committee Nominations in. At COB tomorrow, I will be creating the Agenda document for the AGM. Additionally, I will be creating any Ballot forms, for positions doubled up with nominated members.
REPEAT: Tomorrow is the last day to have any nomination in for new committee positions.

Skills Night – 24 July

Tomorrow night our Skills Night is an opportunity to bring a raw or unedited .JPEG image on an SD card/USB and have a mentoring session with one of our educators. 

We will concentrate on; importing, basic manipulation (crop, hue, saturation, luminance, lens correction, clone, heal, dodge and burn), exporting and print module.


Don’t bring an image you’ve already worked on, bring one that is still SOOC (straight out of camera). 


Bring your $2 coins as the raffle still has a few squares remaining. 4-prizes to choose from!

AGM Proxy Voting – 14 August 18.

The Annual General Meeting of Toowoomba Photographic Society (TPS) is to be held at the TPS Clubrooms (DeMolay House – 90 Margaret Street Toowoomba), 6:30pm on the 14th August.

All financial members are eligible to vote and should you be absent from the AGM you may give your proxy to another FINANCIAL member of your choice.

Members that are given signed proxy papers will be given multiple votes (one per proxy form) at each voting juncture.


I’ve attached a proxy form (top form is simple proxy and lower is specific to each agenda item).

Should you receive another member’s proxy, please show this to the door staff on the night of the AGM.


TPS Proxy Voting Slips