I have just attended the Bunnings BBQ meeting and COVID-19 precautions mean a very different running of this activity.Firstly, for the 18th October activity, we need 6 people per shift of 4-hours. We cannot revolve around positions and there is a large cleaning and sanitising requirement. The positions are; Greeter, Order Taker, Cook, Team Captain and Collector. The final position is Relief. We will need to fill these 12 positions, 6 for the 7:30am – 12pm and 6 more for the 12pm – 4:30pmI realise this is a BIG IMPOST on your time, but I would also suggest that this is a major opportunity to make half of our yearly running costs, in one day. To maximise this result, my company will put in the money for food consumables up to $300. That means we stand to make $1250 from one day’s work. Please be generous with your time. It is only the good work of our volunteers that give us the funds to afford to run our Society in the financial comfort that we have.