Tonight (06/07/2021 from 5PM) we will be having a trial run for our AstroPhotography night on Saturday. This is in place of MicroSkills (there will be no Zoom meeting).

This will give you a chance to learn your camera settings and not have to worry so much about interrupting others.

Things you need to bring:
-Camera + batteries + card/s
-Trigger release (cabled, remote) or learn how to use the inbuilt shutter timer.

-Fast wide angle lens f2.8 or faster is best.
-Light pollution / night filter if you have one.
-Wide angle lens (can still be used if not a fast one, but will require a higher ISO).
-Gloves / beanie / jackets / thermos or anything else to keep you warm.
-Chair (if you need to sit down).
-Torch (so you can see – but please avoid shining into other peoples photos / eyes).
-Any notes you have taken from the Astrophotography Microskills session.

We will be meeting at the location below at 5pm
Google Maps