The judging of the April 14 competition has been completed and the results will be sent to members with the usual emails on that date.

Geoff Adams has collected the prints from judge Barry Whisson and these can be collected from 7 Crestview Crescent, Blue Mountain Heights by appointment. Sandra Neill is to return some packaging to my address, so if you provided prints in packaging that did not fit in the suitcase used for prints, you may wish to check first that I have it.

To make an appointment (do not just arrive without one) to collect your prints, please email rather than phone and I will put your prints in their packaging (if this exists) and place on a chair on my front verandah for collection.

Members will already know this is the last time we will handle prints until the crisis is over. Exceptions will be made for the two film photographers and people over 90 years of age.

A couple of observations.

This year has been exceptionally difficult for the TPS committee. Right from the beginning of January, well before the virus gained public attention, we have been met with extra-ordinary circumstances. The loss of a key individual with unique skills, displacement from our usual meeting venue, problems with last minute changes of judges, a higher than expected level of interaction with judges in carrying out of the judging process, major changes carried out to the website with reintroduction of additional categories, and failures/problems with the website, have all added to our administrative difficulties.

The administration of a community group of fewer than 100 members would not normally be expected to incur this level of workload.

How you can help.

Please take note of the most recent communications from us via the website and the Facebook group, if you use that medium. The quickest postings will be on FB, currently we have to enter information twice when using the website also.

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit, information and subsequent communications have moved rapidly, often with daily updates. This will make some previous information on the website out of date. Please don’t bother to point this out to me, I have no intention of going back and carefully checking each posting on this site to see if it still accurate. Similarly for the occasional grammatical error.

Regrettably I have to report we received a complaint from a neighbouring club regarding poor responses from judges generally including “two from Toowoomba”. I have had a similar experience. This is from before the virus. This reflects on all us. And please don’t tell me you have trouble keeping up with personal emails. Take some responsibility here, now is a good to time to learn new habits.