We have lived in interesting times.

To say it has been an eventful year is to express an understatement. However there have been solid achievements.

The chief benefit of Covid has been the discovery of Zoom and the development of hybrid live-Zoom meetings.

Our members unable to come to club meetings can remain connected with TPS.

After some effort, the awards and points score system has been reformed and it is fitting that one of the architectsof that change, Graham Harris, will the first judge under the new system in January.

We kept our training and field day program running thanks to the efforts of Tryg Helander supported by others including Margaret Kebble, Roberta Edwards, Val Shield and Jenny Graff.

Our fundraising efforts, again led by president Tryg, saw an inflow of funds into the equipment account, and purchases of studio gear and a screen calibrator again organised by Tryg.  These goodies will come out for introduction and use on our next Skills Night on Jan 26.

We will continue Zoom sessions for the 1st and 3rd Tuesday nights in the interim pending re-opening of Jilly’s Cafe at night, or a change in timing of our Microskills training sessions.

On Tuesday Jan 5 the topic will be stitched panorama, ahead of the closing date for the Feb club competition on that theme on Jan 12 – the club comp night at De Molay House.

On Saturday Jan 9 there will be a field day at Snapper Rocks at Tweed Heads. This is a car-pooling event departing 2am for a dawn shoot.

On Tuesday 19, Tryg will revisit some of his training sessions for new members, the theme being camera handling basics.

On Tuesday Feb 2nd, the microskills training session will be on metering and servo modes.

The first 2 club nights next year will have a 6pm start.  On January 12, from 6-7pm, it will be the club awards night, followed by club night from 7-9pm.  Covid restrictions will apply as per this month.

This time we will require an RSVP.  This ensures your name is on the list of attendees.  It is your responsibility to ensure we know you wish to attend.  No name on the list, no attendance at the meeting. RSVP to Treasurer Val.

A similar procedure will occur for club night on Feb 9.  The meeting will commence at 6pm with the annual general meeting, and club night from 7-9pm.

The necessary formal notices and membership renewals will flow at the end of this month as Treasurer Val has a formidable task to organise this.

Lastly, several of the existing committee members have flagged their intention to step down in 12 months time, change roles, or in the case of secretary Jenny, depart the Sunshine State for the Apple Isle.

There are many people in TPS with the skill and qualities to take on these roles.  

Perhaps while you are recharging your batteries with Christmas cheer, some might like to consider stepping forward.  Those of us remaining in TPS (everyone except Jenny), will be available to help and you won’t be thrown in the deep end and left to struggle on your own.

Every organisation needs to nurture its talent and plan for succession in its management roles.  This is how organisations rejuvenate themselves and innovate, rather than stagnate.

Please give this some thought over the coming weeks.

H.M.S. Pinafore re-enactment.

Around a dozen crew of the good ship TPS met on the quarterdeck on Tuesday 15 Decemeber for end of year celebrations.

Captain Tryg was late, having zoomed his way to the wrong quarterdeck.  We were all becalmed in the Doldrums until Typhoon Tryg arrived, filled our sails, and we were off on a new adventure.

No-one walked the plank, but a few of us were sent to scrub decks as the session turned into an extended think-tank for next year.

The highlights were:

1. A 115th anniversary photo booklet- “Our year in Covid”, Geoff to liaise with Margaret Kebble.  Based on the Alice Black images and 1 image per TPS member for 2020.

2.  A TPS shirt.  Members will be relieved to know that suggestions that would have seen us looking like a set of traffic lights, yielded to good taste and common sense.  Tryg to liaise with his T shirt/embroidery firm and bring samples.  The shirt will have our logo embroidered onto it.

3. A long list of field day suggestions.  The first one to note is Saturday January 9.  This will be a car pool event departing Toowoomba at 2am to be at Snapper Rocks at the Tweed for sunrise shots looking back at the Gold Coast and also ocean views.  This may be followed by a visit to Carara Markets on the way home.  Drivers include Captain Tryg and First Mate Jenny so far.  Able Seaman Travis Lord has also volunteered.

Others on the list to be investigated.

* Scotty’s Barn with its museum.  Geoff to inquire about discount rates for a group tour and availability as a photo venue with our lighting and models.

*. Australian Body Art Festival – car pooling event to travel to Cooroy 10-11 April.  A colourful event and one where we can see the body art take place over time and there are usually some other performances occurring also.  Geoff has been previously and recommends it.  

*  Allora – a property with an attractive running stream and rural vistas.  Cheryl Bellette to investigate further.

*. Darling Downs Zoo – discounts for group bookings and possible TPS subsidy to be considered.  Incoming TPS committee to investigate.

* Heritage town and village CBD walks.  Warwick and Allora suggested.  Another car pooling event.

*. Goomeri Pumpkin Festival 30/5/21.  Suggested by Greg Ivanov.  2.5 hour drive, but village walks including the Emporium also an attraction.

Greasefest, Redland Showgrounds July 30 to August 1.

*. Other festivals including Chinchilla Melon Festival.

*. Star gazing at Coonabarabran.  Tryg to liaise with his bus contact at Stonestreets/Premium Coaches, Roberta re accommodation.

* Elephant Rock at Currumbin.  Possible winter time trip, would also be a dawn shoot.  Also could visit Gold Coast Butterfly Farm which will make some crew members happy. Jo Aspromourgos, Veronica May Sorley

*.Fraser Island.  Cheryl Bellette has a contact for accommodation.